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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 12, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> so what is going on with the nfl? another star player in trouble tonight. this time, for what he did to his four-year-old son. >> joe, it just keeps getting worse. >> reporter: it does liz. look at these evidence photos.
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we are talking wounds on a four- year-old boy's leg. this is the son of adrian peterson of the minnesota vikings. he admits to hitting his son with a switch like that one. he says a switch is how he was disciplined as a child. a lot of people are wondering what is wrong with the nfl right now. >> their our future baby. we can't abuse them. >> can't do that. the rules have changed. i have grown up, my parents used to spank me, but i don't spank my kids. society has changed. >> there's cameras everywhere and people are reporting to the speed. >> it is going to get out. >> adrian seaterson is one thing, but ray rice is the worst. >> reporter: baltimore ravens star ray rice is accused of knocking his wife out in an
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elevator and kicking her feet as she lay unconscious. >> on the football, there's a lot of aggression. a lot of physicality going on. you have to separate that and lead out on the field. >> someone very close to me just texted me you can now call it the national felon's league. >> there's a long history of persons accused and convicted of domestic violence playing professional sports. now people are allowed to act on it. >> they shouldn't be supported after everything that they have been doing. >> people should stop watching the game. >> just don't support those players in general. they should get disciplined. >> reporter: the court hearing for mcdonald, the 49ers star was postponed. as for peterson, there is a warrant out for his arrest on felony child abuse and he is going to turn himself in. >> a bunch of horrible stories this week. thank you joe.
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tonight the word from levi stadium is the new turf is good to go. the first regular season nfl complex. the field was replaced twice after players complained about slipping. it got a test run during a soccer match last weekend and today, coach jim harbaugh had this to say. >> we are excited about it. >> a little more. >> uh, what would you like me to give you? you tell me what you want me to tell you and i'll help you out. >> he's very excited about it. mystery lights flashing across the sky seen from nevada all the way to the bay yeah. all the way up to oregon. what were they? that is what we sent chris christin ayers out to find out. >> reporter: a lot of people were wondering what the lights were. when we went out and asked scientists, they said they think they know what they are.
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6:00 a.m. novato. just before sunrise when barry looked up. >> it was just unbelievable. >> reporter: an other worldly sight. >> i looked up and saw an orange ball above the redwood trees. all of a sudden these lights just came down from that little orange ball. >> reporter: for 15 seconds, barry was transfixed. >> couldn't tell you what it was. >> reporter: scientists are still trying to figure that out, too. bing clark with the academy of scientists say it might have been a meteor. >> it is unusual that this one appears to have a broad tail. >> reporter: it was spotted in three states. novato where this video was shot. california, and oregon which astronomers say it could mean only one thing. >> it had to be way up there many miles high. >> reporter: keegan spent the
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day analyzing pictures and descriptions. hash tag ufo. his conclusion? >> it is either a piece of space junk or it might be some kind of a missile test launch. >> reporter: they said it was moving too slowly to be a meteor and that tail looks like a vapor plume. whatever it was, it was extraordinary. now scientists looked to see if the air force base had launched any missiles today. the air force base said it had not. these experts are saying if it was indeed a missile launch, it would have had to come from the ocean so it would have to be a navy vessel. we have no confirmation of that ken. >> so the mystery continues. that's what you are telling me. >> reporter: to some extent it does. we don't really totally know. >> all right. we will look for more lights in the weekend ahead.
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christin ayers, thanks. and the earth got zapped by a second solar storm today but it is causing few if any problems. a big wild fire is burning out of control in orange county. mandatory evacuations are in effect near cleveland national forest. so far, more than 1600 acres have burned. crews are doubling fire resources tonight before tomorrow's hot weather fuels the flames. and the fire made for a dramatic and memorable wedding day for one couple. they were completely out of harm's way. but a helicopter fighting the flames was sent to the wedding venue, a golf course, to soak up water. noise from the helicopter drowned out the i dos. >> it was hard to hear. we were in the front row, too. >> on the bright side, the smoky sky made for an incredible backdrop. dna testing proves that the mountain lion killed in
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cupertino was the same animal that mauled the 6-year-old boy. they caught it four days after it attacked the boy on a popular trail. and tests showed the animal did not have rabies. the injured boy is home now and the trail is reopened. we are getting a look at two suspects at a violent home invasion. the surveillance photo is from a 7/11. this one was taken at an atm in san jose. the two guys are both in their early 20s , kicked in the door of a house in fremont's mission san jose neighborhood early yesterday morning. the house is in this gated community. now police say the two suspects forced two people in the house to open a safe and then told them to stay in the bathroom for half an hour. police say the suspects may also be responsible for crimes in san jose and cupertino. palo alto police want you to take a good look at this guy. they say he impersonated a
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police officer, pulled over a teenager and showed him a stun gun. he lectured the teenager for breaking traffic rules and drove off: how do you use an assault rifle? tonight military grade weapons are missing from a police department. len ramirez says that is just the tip of the ice burg. >> reporter: two assault rifles went missing last october. they were given to san mateo from the federal government. the san mateo sheriff spokesperson told us staff and equipment routinely moves throughout the county on a daily basis so the tracking of resources may not have been in accord with the movement. in other words, the weapons could have been lost or stolen but that is not what the
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sheriff told his boss. >> his explanation is the two missing were used as spare parts. >> reporter: the county soup visier. >> i have to take him at his word for it but we are going to ask for detailed information, how do you know that's true and make sure that is the case. >> reporter: san mateo is hardly alone. it is one of nine law enforcement agencies including the chp and the napa county sheriff's department who have been suspended from the surplus program because of missing firearms. there is now a corrective action plan to make sure they account for the missing weapons but they have to fully account for the two assault rifles missing nearly a year. in redwood city, len ramirez, kpix5. and the sheriff's department lost and replaced one of their m-16 rifles but they have not returned our calls to explain how that happened. >> tonight, the white house is using the w word when it comes to destroys the terrorist group
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isis or isil. >> the same way the united states is at war with al-qaeda and its affiliates, the united states is at war with isil. >> the cia estimates isis has access to 20 or 31,000 fighters in iraq or syria. and tonight, david martin has new details in the special opens mission that tried to save two american journalists before isis cut off their heads. >> reporter: the attempt to rescue james foley and steven sotloff was bigger than the read that killed osama bin laden. they hit two targets. one, the building in which the hostages were believed held and the other a diversion target. members of the delta hostage rescue team searched the team where foley and sotloff were leaved held. the hostages were gone though there was evidence they had
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once been there. the commandos were on the ground for several hours. they had hit the right building identified through the fbi's debriefing of freed european hostages but intelligence had not detected they had been moved. >> isis is believed to be holding a number of other americans. a romantic dinner is turned into a story of revenge. how this guy used his girlfriend's dog to get back at her. paralyzed in a shooting. tonight, the bay area rapper is going to take the stage for the first time since he had the ability to use his legs.
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>> you wonder how far people can go. a really twisted story of revenge tonight. police in redding say this guy ryan eddie watenpa cooked his exgirlfriend's dog and served it to her for dinner then asked her if she liked it. >> it was a pressure cooker ready to snap. this relationship was toxic. >> he denies killing the animal, but the pomeranian is missing. he is charged with domestic violence and animal cruelty. on a happier note, a bay area rapper paralyzed in a shooting is minutes away from making a comeback and he intends to walk again. betty yu? >> reporter: oakland wrapper kafani has been rapping since
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he was 21. tonight, he will do what he loves from his wheelchair. he gave us a preview before the show. the first since the 34-year-old survived five gunshot on an east oakland street a year ago. >> though i'm not able to walk right now, i'm still in a position where i'm, you know, helping other people. people looking up to me. seeing that, you know, i'm actually still doing my music. >> reporter: kafani was in a group shooting a music video when a gunman opened fire. he doesn't know who shot him or why. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: at the time, he was a rising star on the bay area rap beat. the shooting left him paralyzed from the chest down. this is not the first time he had been touched from gun violence. someone fired off several rounds at a crowd shooting a music video and his one-year- old cousin was shot to death. just three weeks ago, kafani
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took his first step in this suit made by rewalk robotics. the fda approved the exoskeleton and he's the first in the bay area to use it. he is hoping the concert will help him reach his $85,000 goal. >> it helps in many ways. i can speak eye to eye. it helps with my bowls and bladder. >> reporter: kafani started a campaign to bring the suit home. well kafani is not stopping his fund raising. next up, he will be training on a loaner ex oskeleton to walk in the turkey trot. live in san jose, betty yu, kpix5. thanks betty. well kafani is turning to the public for help because the suit is not covered by
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insurance. city supervisor david campos a arranges a meeting between the two. facebook locked the drag queens out of their accounts for using fake names. >> it's discriminatory. i'm not ashamed of what i do. >> the performers say they used their stage name as a matter of health and safety. they started a petition and collected more than 3,000 signatures. also tonight, apple says preorders for the iphone six set a new record. julie watt says the website couldn't handle all the demands. >> reporter: the presale started at midnight. >> nothing happened for five minutes. you can see the site is loading. >> reporter: that is how it went for most people trying to preorder an iphone six this morning through the apple store, verizon, or at&t. tina says the apple store had
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the most problems. for the first three hours, would be buyers saw a screen saying we'll with back. >> there's so much demand. the servers just weren't able to support all the people on the website. >> reporter: then rumors started surfacing that apple wouldn't have enough phones to meet the demands. >> there were talks that the phone could be delayed because of manufacturing issues, that they didn't have enough supplies. >> reporter: but whether or not the rumors are true, iphone addicts have to have their fix. >> if you didn't wait this morning, you are still waiting in line. >> reporter: the iphone 5 had the same problems. there may not be enough 6s to go around. >> they will probably have to wait for a while. >> reporter: the fact is most of the first homes will go to the die hards who were camping out at apple before the phone was announced or people like mike who started trying to
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preorder before dawn. for him, persistence paid off. >> that a boy. the iphone 6 is back ordered a month. a smaller version is still available. i challenge everybody to put down their phones and enjoy the weather this season. >> i like that. >> it's going to be great. it feels like summer. it's going to be really pleasant outside, a little hot away from the water but we are beginning the downward trend. we are talking weather that is five to ten degrees cooler than average. big changes coming, but not in time to move out a very warm weekend. friday hot. triple digits for you in vacaville. san bruno, only 75. check out daly city. we are in record territory. not only in san francisco, not only in the bay area, the entire state of california. so far this year, january through august, hottest year ever. the average temperature for if year, 62.6 degrees.
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four degrees above average breaking the old record by a degree. it has been extremely hot. we have football coming up this weekend. raiders versus the texans. it will be warm, sunny. not hot. 74 degrees for the kickoff right here on kpix5. then we have the football in the south bay. thank goodness this game is a late one. starts at 5:30. it will still be 82 degrees outside. levi's stadium as the niners take on the bears. so we will still be warm this weekend because the ridge that kept us hot inland and warm near the water will not move this weekend. it is going to be just off to the west. the ridge stays, the warm weather stays. next week, the ridge is gone. now an area of low pressure moves in. what this will do to crank up an on shore flow. we are going cooler and cloudier. next wednesday, we are turning the corner and we will go to five to 10 degrees below average. tonight, a clear night away from the water. lots of sunshine away from the
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coast. temperatures at average. get outside and enjoy it. san jose, 87 tomorrow. a couple of degrees cooler than today. four degrees above average. palo alto, 84. they are hosting army tomorrow. union city, 84. hot day in walnut creek. the parade the tomorrow night. if you are headed into san francisco, berkeley,, petaluma 87. a couple of degrees cooler sunday, but certainly warm. bigger change on monday and tuesday. the biggest change will be by the middle of next week. only partly sunny, highs in the 70s and 80s inland. you want the cooler weather, it is there, it is coming but you have to be patient. we are about four or five days away. >> kind of like the iphone 6. >> the iphone 6 will get here before the cooler weather. >> maybe the rain will get here before the iphone 6. >> you're confusing me. [ laughter ]
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>> thanks paul. well a little girl hopes to meet beyonce, but she gets a bigger surprise next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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grader had to say: "(little girl) when i heardt >> meeting the president of the united states. pretty big deal right? >> i would say so. well just listen to what this sixth grader had to say about it. >> i really wanted it to be beyonce. >> i understand. malia and sasha would feel the same way. >> we thought you would be beyonce. >> but then i realized it was going to be you. that was even better. [ laughter ] >> well i appreciate you saying that in front of the press. i know it is not really true. but that's okay. [ laughter ] >> that's pretty cute. >> pretty tough to go up against beyonce. >> well the obamas made a surprise stop at the charter school in washington dc yesterday. >> all right. >> okay, beyonce? she will be coming in the door
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any moment. no, just an imaginary beyonce. can the as stop their funk in the pacific northwest and the giants start their huge series with the dodgers and a big time statement. ,,,,,,,,
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11:28 pm they did this to the dodgers, few saw coming... yasiel p >> baseball up top and the giants, what a time of the year to rise up. ten straight home wins and how they did this to the dodgers, few saw it coming. the grip of the dodgers is slipping. madison bumgarner, 17 wins coming in. seven shut out innings. san francisco, all time single season strike out team for left handers. plenty of run support. here is brandon crawford in the fifth. that made it 6-0 folks. the giants cruise 9-0. they close the lead to a single game. just one game behind the dodgers. let that marinade for just a second. they remain four games ahead of
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the pirates in the wild card race. the giants sitting fat and happy. meantime, bob melvin and the as going the opposite way in seattle. top four, sam fuld, a little small ball. nate freiman scored on the field every's choice and it is tied. no problem for the mariners. logan morrison teed off. one of three seattle homers in the game. the mariners beat the as 4-2. the as 12th loss in 15 games. they are plummeting. oakland just clinging to the first wild card spot by a half game ahead of kansas city and now seattle. football, hey, that's coach brian lane. they flew cross country and de la salle handed it to them.
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antoine custer. they rolled 56-28. time now for the top five and here we go. number 5, all right. tied at 82 when diana did her thing in the phoenix mercury. they beat chicago. number 4, the real jeremy lin having fun with visitors at the wax museum. even fooled his own uncle. let's go to number three folks. team usa andre sitting down. that takes some man strength there. yeah. number two, tigers catcher alex avila, back, back, back, and he makes the catch against the net! and we go from there to number one. how can we beat it? how about a wayward tee shot from rory mcilroy! it lands in a guy's pocket!
11:31 pm
how does that happen? are you serious? he took a drop. finished up the hole. bow kneed the hole. how about that? landed in the guy's pocket. took a drop right there. now i wonder if he just walked into the fairway and took a drop, rory would be okay. anyway, that's the top five. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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have a great weekend.
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>> david letterman is next. >> have a great weekend. we'll see you later. >> it's the weekend? ♪ ♪ >> ♪ well, i wish i had some band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. >> and now the maitre d' of hell's kitchen. david letterman! captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) ( cheers and applause )


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